The Counsellors in SA resource book is our official resource manual, updated every two years to meet the growing changes of the counselling industry. This resource book is complied by various industry experts, and contains loads of helpful information, interviews, resources, exercises and self reflective content to help you become the best counsellor you can be.

The 2021-2022 CiSA Resource Manual ©️ will be available in January 2021. All new subscribers receive a copy of the resource manual with their welcome pack. This years content includes:

  • Tips and guidance for starting your own practice
  • Ethical considerations and scope of practice for the various statutory and non statutory boards (HPCSA, ASCHP and CCSA)
  • Alternative career paths for psychology graduates
  • Developing your own PDP (Personal Development Plan)
  • Self Care
  • Interviews with experts in private practice management, HR, Pschometry, Counselling and Training and Education
  • Professional management tips (CPD, your online profile and how to increase your business Google rankings)
  • Advertising tips and techniques

The 2021-2022 CiSA Weekly Planner ©️ will be available at the same time. It is a beautifully designed weekly planner that includes inspirational quotes from the whole CiSA network and also includes a national referral database, with useful contact details for mental health resources to refer clients to when needed. This years planner includes:

  • 52 weeks worth of day planning
  • Inspirational weekly quotes to encourage you
  • An expertly compiled referral database for mental health resources – such as psychologists, NPO’s and clinics.