To Charge or Not To Charge, That Is The Question!

My name is Nikki Lister and I am in private practice as a Specialist Wellness Counsellor working in theEast of Joburg and also on-line. I took the leap last August to take a small office in a local health centre inan effort to make my services more freely available to the general public and not just the churchmembers whom I had served for a number of years. I went from having little to no overheads […]

Helping Anxious Kids – Anxiety During Covid19

Apologies in advance for another post on COVID-19. I am sure like many of you, your newsfeed and even radio listening is dominated by COVID, COVID, COVID! In some ways I am sick to death of the doom and gloom, the graphs and stats, the stages and general economic decline. For me though, information is power and therefore I want to make sure that I am informed and up to date in a way that […]

Clients With Chronic Illness – Lupus

May is Lupus awareness month. I wanted to write this article to bring awareness to this disease and well as to offer some insight into how I approach clients who are living with Lupus or other debilitating chronic diseases. My daughter became seriously ill in December 2018. On the Saturday she was playing in a volleyball tournament at school as she finished up with grade 11. Within a few days, she was admitted to hospital […]

Coping Mechanisms for the COVID-19 Lockdown – How to stay safe, sane and manage your time.

As South Africa enters the first day of lockdown in order to combat the spread of coronavirus, we are all faced with the reality of diving into scary and uncertain times. Not only are we faced with the fear of this pandemic infecting ourselves or our loved ones, we now have to deal with isolation too. It can leave one feeling scared, lonely, anxious and overwhelmed. In order to combat some of the difficult thoughts […]

essential oils

The Power of Scent: An Introduction to the Use of Essential Oils in Mental Wellness Support

The Power of Scent: An Introduction to the Use of Essential Oils in Mental Wellness Support In this series I hope to introduce you to the world of essential oils and how they can influence the way we feel. Have you ever walked into a bakery and been immediately transported to another time and place? Ever smelt a particular scent that immediately made you feel lived and better than you did before? If you have, […]