The Counsellors in SA network consists of over 2700 wonderful counsellors, and is growing every week!

Our incredible network is driven by a board of ASCHP and HPCSA Counsellors, who are dedicated to supporting counsellors and mental health practitioners in their careers.

Alex Koen Counsellor

Alex Koen

Alex Koen has a masters degree in Art Psychotherapy from Singapore and is a registered art therapist at ANZACATA as well as a specialist wellness counsellor at ASCHP. Alex provides valuable input regarding art therapy, counselling techniques and strategies, self development and career growth as well as being a supportive and encouraging colleague to all counsellors across South Africa and in Singapore, where he is currently based.

“My hopes for CiSA and my personal passion is to create a space for fellow counsellors to practice in a safe, nurturing and growing environment.” – Alex

Bhavini Dalpat Counsellor

Bhavini Dalpat

Bhavini has an honours degree in Psychology and is a specialist wellness counsellor at ASCHP. Bhavini provides excellent motivational speaking and specialises in the field of trauma, substance abuse, counselling for vulnerable persons as well as being an active counsellor and volunteer in various communities and heading up the trauma support unit for the Civilian Crime Intelligence Network.

“My focus is to create awareness about mental health and encouraging societies to speak out if they are faced with challenges.” – Bhavini

Chris Fourie Counsellor

Chris Fourie

Chris has a BPsych Degree and is a Registered Counsellor at HPCSA and a Clinical Hypnotherapist. Chris is employed as a school counsellor and onsite counsellor for an Employee Assistance Programme, as well as working as a counsellor in private practice. Chris provides valuable input and information for Registered Counsellors an is exceptionally knowledgeable in employee wellness, personal and relationship difficulties, substance abuse and balancing stress with regards to work, home and school life.

“I want to help fellow counsellors in the field, to provide them with guidance regarding challenges that they face on a daily basis.” – Chris

Zoe Wilson Counsellor

Zoe Wilson

Zoe has an Honours Degree in Psychology and is a specialist wellness counsellor at ASCHP, as well as a registered facilitator, assessor, moderator and SDF. Zoe specialises in the field of Adult Education and Training and is focused on supporting counsellors when it comes to training, education, self development and practice management.

“My aim for CiSA is to help South African counsellors grow and develop their careers and themselves personally. I hope to help counsellors realise their full potential and grow the wonderful field of counselling.”

We would like to also mention and thank the following moderators, writers and content developers for the wonderful work they contribute to the CISA team:

Cheryl Johnston
Cheryl Johnston
MA (Psychology)

Melissa Terblanche
(BA Hons) Psychology
Monica Fourie
(BA Hons) Psychology
NIkki Lister
(BSocSci) Honours