Welcome to Counsellors in South Africa


Welcome to Counsellors in SA, a website dedicated to assisting all counsellors across South Africa.

CISA functions as an independent supportive network who aims to provide support, guidance and information to mental health professionals who practice in South Africa. We support HPCSA, ASCHP and CCSA counsellors and SACSSP social workers who work in private practice, are employed or who are studying to become registered professionals. We provide resources, counselling information, industry updates, career guidance and online supervision. Our board is made up of counsellors registered at HPCSA and ASCHP and we consult with various industry experts across all professional bodies to bring you up to date information that is relevant to your career.

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If you would like to list your services as a counsellor, or find a counsellor in your area, check out find.counsellorsinsa.co.za