Trauma Counselling and Debriefing Skills Workshop 

Keshnie Mathi

Trauma Debriefers Training is a 2 day training that explores your own triggers and perception of trauma, takes you into real life scenarios and allows you to learn and practice techniques to debrief victims. This training also visits self regulation techniques, visualisation, holding space and the people centred approach. Can be submitted to the ASCHP for consideration for 6 CPD points.

For more information please contact or 061 462 7419

Jalex Counselling

This short course is aimed at anyone who would like to learn more about trauma counselling and debriefing skills, and how to help those in need. The course is presented long distance and all material is couriered straight to your door! Sign up online now and receive your learning material within a week. This training is registered for 7 CPD points at the ASCHP and once you have completed your training submit your certification to them to apply to have the points recognised.

For more information and to sign up, please go to or contact directly.