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The Power of Scent: An Introduction to the Use of Essential Oils in Mental Wellness Support

The Power of Scent: An Introduction to the Use of Essential Oils in Mental Wellness Support In this series I hope to introduce you to the world of essential oils and how they can influence the way we feel. Have you ever walked into a bakery and been immediately transported to another time and place? Ever smelt a particular scent that immediately made you feel lived and better than you did before? If you have, […]

Self Care: Mindfulness

Self Care: Mindfulness ‘Mindfulness’ has become a buzz word and is often connected with self-care advice. But what exactly is mindfulness, how do you do it and why is it healthy? Anyone anywhere can practise mindfulness as a lifestyle choice – similar to going to gym. We go to gym because we know exercise helps keep the body healthy and well maintained; mindfulness practises does the same for our mind. A pioneer in mindfulness practise, Jon […]

Dual Earning Couples – A Juggling Act

If you look at an average two parent household you would most likely see two working parents. There are many reasons for this; some reasons are more personally driven whilst others are practically driven. On top of that there are other responsibilities that need to be considered at home. When I started working I often wondered how my mom had a full time job and raised three children. It is a lot of work and […]

Trauma In Young Children

In South Africa we are continually exposed to violence and other traumas that we have become desensitised to them and do not always realise when an event might be traumatic to a child. The Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders V (2013) gives an outline that defines a traumatic event as a real or perceived threat towards a person’s life, safety or health. However, what we as adults perceive to be a threat to […]