CPD stands for Continuous Professional Development and is yearly mini “certifications” given by point form, to counsellors that attend CPD workshops or complete them via long distance learning. These points are a requirement for a counsellor to remain in good standing with the various bodies they may be registered at. The world of counselling is constantly growing and changing and counsellors need to be educated on these changes when it comes to ethics, counselling styles and new developments in their fields. This ensures that they are a well educated and professional counsellor who is also aware of the ethical complexities in the world of counselling.

Different designations require a different amount of CPD points, and CPD ethics points are compulsory. FRCA follows up on each and every members CPD points allocation per year to ensure that they are functioning to the best of their ability as a counsellor.

Here is some more information on CPD points:

The Importance of Continuing Professional Development

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